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Nancy Todd, Your Expert Travel Guide

Nancy Todd lived in France for many years and loves driving through sunflower fields and villages, on her way to antique markets to search for treasures. Eager to share her insider knowledge,  passion for France, and all things vintage, she will help you discover the rich rewards of antiquing in southwest France.  As she says, “Buying a vintage item is like holding French history in your hands.” 

Having traveled to 29 countries as a writer/photographer, Nancy’s work has been published in Lonely Planet Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, and several on-line travel sites. In addition, she owned a management consulting company and designed products for the gift industry.

Now based  in the States, she continues to return to France to buy antiques.  Her online business, All Vintage French, founded in 2011, sells vintage French home accessories. As a result, Nancy, has shopped hundreds of markets, is an expert buyer and has the scoop on the best markets for antiquing. Yes, tough part of the business!

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